sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

The World Inside, by Robert Silverberg

     Robert Silverberg (New York, 1935) wrote this novel in 1971 ("El mundo interior" in Spanish). The year is 2318. The place is Urban Monad 116 of the constellation Chippitts. The Population of this one-thousand story super-structure is 800,000 + and always growing. After two centuries of ruthless, selective breeding, the essence of life is to be bless worthy and to multiply; to afford one's neighbors any type of sexual fulfillment and, above all, to avoid the evil of frustration. But, within this seemingly blissful vertical world there are individuals who feel such perverse desires as a longing for privacy, a wish to descend from the heights, to walk on earth and bask in the sunshine. These rebel throwbacks to an earlier Earth are dangerous, disruptive elements. And they must be destroyed —if they do not destroy themselves first. This novel offers the ultimate answer to the population explosion, will it explode?

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