viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

A Window on the Fourth Dimension of Literature

Welcome to A Window on the Fourth Dimension of Literature, this is an open meeting point to enjoy the widest posible selection of fantastic, dystopian and science-fiction short stories, although some selected passages from novels will also be present. Although I will be leading this fabulous journey to the Fourth Dimension of Literature, I want to invite everyone to post comments, suggestions and, most of all, to tell us about authors, short stories and novels dealing with such "fabulous" genres beyond space and time, beyond our common reality. Well-known authors and stories are welcome for our study, analysis, debate and enjoyment; but especially those stories and authors not so well known that deserve being "revisited", "re-considered" or even "discovered". Feel free to join this blog. I hope we will enjoy a fabulous and innovative way of "exploring" the worlds of space and time beyond the limits of dreams and imagination...

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